Spanish Club


The Spanish Club is an organization that encompasses a diverse group of enthusiasts who enjoy the Spanish language and the Hispanic cultures.

Open to All

It is open to all students and all levels who attend monthly meetings and who participate in foreign language competitions, Spanish class mercados (Mexican markets), school assemblies and talent shows, the Iosco County Relay For Life, donkey basketball (every other year), and other events.

Donkey Basketball 2013

The Tawas Spanish Club hosted donkey basketball Friday, November 30th at the high school.

Four teams competed, and the Tawas St. Joseph Health System team fell short in the first game by losing to the Spanish Club’s senior team despite Captain Karen Blair’s best efforts to lead her scrub-wearing teammates in overtime.

Scott Mousseau, leader of the Chamber of Commerce team, substituted his team members with a vengeance, but eventually lost to the Spanish Club’s junior team.

In the championship game, the seniors, led by their co-advisors Stacy Perrot and Lori Bayn, triumphed over Captain Laurel Baird’s junior team and were crowned Tawas Donkey Basketball Champions 2012.