Tawas Area Middle School Staff Directory and Web Pages

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Tawas Area Middle School

255 W. M-55
Tawas City, MI 48763
Phone: 989-984-2300
Fax: 989-984-2303


Newman, Peter Principal 984-2100
Brooks, Rebecca Assistant Principal 984-2300
Unke, Matt Athletic Director 984-2161
Sancrant, Jan Food Services Director 984-2114
McArdle, Shelly Maintenance Director 984-2113
Conklin, Michelle Transportation Director 984-2154


Unke, Matt Athletic Director 984-2161


Schearer, Mary Beth Counselor/Social Worker 984-2166

Food Services

Sancrant, Jan Food Services Director 984-2114

Middle School

Kauffman, Eugene Counselor/Social Worker 984-2305
Akers, Bryan Teacher 984-2155
Albert, Tera Teacher 984-2317
Baird, Laurel Teacher 984-2327
Begres, Brook Teacher 984-2312
Buyssens, Kerri Teacher 984-2169
Dalman, Mrs. Teacher 984-2311
Dittenbir, Adrianne Teacher 984-2323
Ernst, Andy Teacher 984-2134
Frank, Kelly Teacher 984-2321
Fritz, Ryan Teacher 984-2315
Gronda, Mrs. Teacher 984-2314
Kaems, Todd Teacher 984-2319
Livingston, Douglas Teacher 984-2170
Schley, Dionne Teacher 984-2326
Stoll, William Teacher 984-2178
Webb, Tim Teacher 984-2307
Wood, Greg Teacher 984-2313
Caldwell, J. Educational Assistant 984-2300
Horn, Kaelene Educational Assistant 984-2300
Woelke, Ann Educational Assistant 984-2300
Barringer, Sherrie Media Room Specialist


Look, Mary Building Secretary 984-2300

Special Education

Schearer, Mary Beth Special Education Administrative Designee 984-2166
Kauffman, Eugene Counselor/Social Worker 984-2305
Collins, Rick Teacher 984-2310
Collins, Tawny Teacher 984-2320


Kendra, Ben Technology Director 984-2111
Huizar, Antonio Technology Assistant 984-2198