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Tawas Area Schools 1:1 Initiative 

1:1 Mission Statement

The Mission of Tawas Area Schools' 1:1 technology initiative is to enhance instruction and assessment in a variety of ways.

Primary Goals of the 1:1 Initiative:

  1. Prepare our Tawas Area students to be career and college-ready
  2. Enhance curriculum in all areas
  3. Improve instruction in all areas
  4. Improve students' digital assessment skills
  5. Reinforce/enhance students’ technology skills across all subject areas

Anticipated Outcomes of the 1:1 Initiative:

  1. Improve student achievement
  2. Increase opportunities for differentiation, efficiency, instruction and learning
  3. Increase student collaboration
  4. Increase student/teacher and teacher/parent communication
  5. Decrease building/district paper copy costs
  6. Decrease usage and replacement of printers/copiers
  7. Provide updated text more frequently with Ebooks
  8. Provide Ebooks that are more convenient than textbooks for students

Internet & Family Safety

Internet Safety

Video DocumentAlways Connected Life On The Internet
By Trooper Jeff Devine

Chromebook Care

Chromebook Care


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Technology Department

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