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March 28, 2018
Emergency Terminology
March 1, 2018
Letter to Parents and Community
November 9, 2017
Regional Results On Standardized Test spring 2017
November 5, 2017
District News

There are many exciting and positive things happening at Tawas Area Schools.

We continue to upgrade and improve our facility across the district.  Most significantly, last summer we installed new unit ventilators in the middle/high school building.  Prior to completing this project, many of the unit ventilators in use were original to the time of construction dating back to1956.  The building has had many additions over the years. Every unit ventilator was original to the time the building or addition was constructed.  Replacing or refurbishing the old unit ventilators and converting to digital thermostats has improved air quality in the classrooms and improved efficiency as well.  Most of windows in the building are also very old with many in need of repair.  We plan to replace our old windows this fall.  Replacing our windows will also improve efficiency, comfort, and security.