Requests for Bids/Proposals




                RFP for Installation of Bi-Directional Antennas (BDA) Project 2021

Tawas Area Schools is seeking proposals for the installation of Bi-Directional Antennas (BDA) to be installed inside the Tawas Area Middle and High School, 255 W. M-55, Tawas City, MI and inside the Clara Bolen Elementary School, 211 S. Plank Rd., Tawas City, MI.  These antennas will be used to boost the already existing signal that our local Emergency Service providers use in order to receive adequate signal to use their communications.  Bids will be received by Tawas Area Schools in the Office of the Superintendent at 245 W. M-55, Tawas City, MI  48763 until 1:30 PM Friday, January 29, 2021.  This project does not require the payment of prevailing wages.  Tawas Area Schools reserves the right to waive any informality in any bid and to reject any and all bids and to accept any bid that is considered most favorable to Tawas Area Schools.

For specifications regarding the project please contact Tony Huizar, Technology Support Specialist at Tawas Area Schools.  He can be reached by phone at 989/984-2111 or by email