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The Science of Reading Podcast

Read aloud lesson videos K-2

Guided Skills Practice

Audible is offering free audiobooks for children.  Click the link below to take you to the launch page.  No sign-up required.  You can just listen!

This link allows you to sign-up for a free start of Raz-Kids and/or Head sprout!

The Screen Actors Guild has a website that streams videos of Celebrities reading popular Story Books.

This link will take you to a site
where you can choose between
Squiggle Park for Reading Skill Building
for ages 3-8+ and Dreamscape,
which is reading comprehension for ages 8-15+.  

This is a great site to help with reading and math skills.

ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, and Reading IQ
A free code has been provided for you.

Novel Guides 3-5

Independent Skills Practice

Scholastic has created day-to-day projects to keep students reading. Free lessons from K-6+. 

 Free reading and math games for grades K-6!

This site teaches basic
reading and phonics skills for grades K-3.

Click on the Parent Guide button for a helpful
document from MobyMax to show how the site works.


Reading and Math K-2