Social Studies

Study Island is offering a free one-year subscription to their site. This is a FANTASTIC site, offering state standards-based learning in all subject areas. For grades K-12.  Directions after clicking the link below:

  1. Select Your state
  2. Select Billing type as Annual
  3. Select Subscription as Single License or Family License
  4. Select Subject as All Available Subjects
  5. Select Continue
  6. Enter Your Account Information
  7. Select Review Order
  8. Confirm Your Selection and Select Place Order

History for Kids allows children to explore our history!   

Free online textbook for Michigan Social
Studies. Hover over "The Books" for
your grade level.

Resources for K-12

Great Podcast for Students to listen to, most deal with Science and History, but there are lots of great options.

This site allows you to look at                                            
3D interactive models of items at various 
Smithsonian Museums.                        
Scroll to the bottom of this page
and click "Museums"
to open the menu of museums and check out the interactive pieces!