Middle School Solo and Ensemble

Three band students

On Saturday, April 22nd, 14 Tawas Area Middle School students participated in the District 9 Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival at Clare High School.  Out of 16 events performed, 12 received a Division I rating and four received a Division II rating.  This a great showing from our school, and a testament to our student's hard work and dedication to making great music.  Congratulations to all!  Go Braves!!!

Division I "Superior" Ratings
  • Clarinet Solo:  Teresa Dalman
  • Alto Saxophone Solo;  Luke Karr-Anschuetz
  • Trumpet Solo:  Gabriel Tiffany 
  • Trombone Solo:  Joleen Whitford
  • Marimba Solo:  Marley Buchanan
  • Marimba Solo:  Payton Perrot
  • Clarinet/Trumpet Duet:  Kayleigh Caldwell, Liliana Wiese
  • Alto Saxophone/Trombone Duet:  Nicholas Serda, Joleen Whitford
  • Clarinet/Marimba Duet:  Teresa Dalman, Payton Perrot
  • Alto Saxophone Duet:  Jacob Schoendaller, Luke Karr-Anschuetz
  • Alto Saxophone/Trumpet Duet:  Jacob Schoendaller, Gabriell Tiffany
  • Clarinet/Trombone/Marimba Trio:  Teresa Dalman, Joleen Whitford, Payton Perrot
Division II "Excellent" Ratings
  • Alto Saxophone Solo:  Nicholas Beyer
  • Alto Saxophone Solo:  Nicholas Serda
  • Alto Saxophone Solo:  Benjamin Harrison
  • Snare Drum Solo:  Leila Heal