On Saturday, February 4th, Tawas hosted the District 9 Solo and Ensemble Festival.

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On Saturday, February 4th, Tawas hosted the District 9 Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Schools from Alpena to Clare and in between participated in the event.  Musicians performed either a solo or a small ensemble for adjudication, received feedback on-site, and were given a rating based on the quality of their performance.  Tawas had 26 events performed at the festival.  Of the 26, 11 events earned a Division II "Excellent" rating.  The remaining 15 events earned a Division I "Superior" rating, qualifying for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival on March 18th.  All events received medals!  Congratulations to all!!!
Division I "Superior" - Qualifying for State Solo and Ensemble
  • Flute Solo - Madison Marzec
  • Bb Clarinet Solo - Isabel Trancoso
  • Alto Saxophone Solo - Brooke Barnes
  • Tenor Saxophone Solo - Riley Garrett
  • French Horn Solo - Megan Wood
  • Tuba Solo - Gabrielle Whetstone-Johnson
  • Flute Duet - Madison Marzec, Leslie Evans
  • Bb Clarinet Duet - Isabel Trancoso, Charlotte Vetter
  • Bb Clarinet Trio - Elizabeth Fletcher, Daniel Moon, Jolene Everham
  • Snare Drum Trio - Matthew Field, Malcolm Davis, Summer Riggs
  • Flute Quartet - Madison Marzec, Ashley Runyan, Aaliyah Cota, Leslie Evans
  • Brass Quintet - Spencer Brincefield, Allison Litzner, Megan Wood, Noah Smith, Gabrielle Whetstone-Johnson
  • Woodwind Choir - Ashley Runyan, Madison Marzec, Leslie Evans, Isabel Trancoso, Daniel Moon, Jolene Everham, Riley Garrett, Elizabeth Fletcher, Joanna Prentiss
  • Brass Choir - Spencer Brincefield, Allison Litzner, Braiden Curry, Kenaldo Williams, Charlotte Vetter, Megan Wood, Noah Smith, Xander Whitford, Cody Spurlock, Gabrielle Whetstone Johnson, Kathryn Armstrong, Faith Day, Audrey Klinger, Jolene Everham, Matthew Field, Daniel Stone
  • Percussion Ensemble - Allison Litzner, Audrey Klinger, Daniel Stone, Matthew Field, Summer Riggs, Malcolm Davis, Faith Day, Riley Garrett, Braiden Curry, Kathryn Armstong, Xander Whitford, Elizabeth Fletcher
Division II "Excellent"
  • Flute Solo - Nevaeh Romero
  • Oboe Solo - Joy Qiu
  • Bb Clarinet Solo - Charlotte Vetter
  • Trumpet Solo - Spencer Brincefield
  • Trumpet Solo - Kenaldo Williams
  • Trombone Solo - Noah Smith
  • Timpani Solo - Summer Riggs
  • Timpani Solo - Daniel Stone
  • Piano Solo - Matthew Field
  • Flute Duet - Nevaeh Romero, Mackenzie Kinney
  • Brass Duet - Noah Smith, Xander Whitford
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